Sewage treatment plant

The Panther™ is a low capital cost wastewater treatment plant, incorporating an extremely robust natural process. The plant is straightforward to install and service. It utilises advanced self-regulating aeration flow technology, enabling variable flows and loads to be processed efficiently.

The processed water meets UK/Caribbean regulatory authorities’ water efficiency standards and guidelines for all green building certification programs. Integral ultraviolet (UV) disinfection further treats the water to remove 99.99% of pathogens.

The Panther™ will provide a long-term solution to your wastewater needs with the added benefit of complete peace of mind when using our remote monitoring.

Technical features:

∙ robust three-stage natural biological process

∙ advanced aeration flow technology

∙ bespoke design using twin pipe re-circulation

∙ custom built for flow and loading

∙ compact footprint with minimal visual impact

∙ advanced remote monitoring

∙ integral discharge pumps (as required) and UV (no separate chamber)

∙ no complex mechanical or electrical components within the unit

Benefits to you:

∙ no noise, no odours

∙ reduced installation costs

∙ long maintenance intervals (and minimal servicing)

∙ eco-friendly, no hazardous chemicals

∙ zero and variable flow (seasonal fluctuations) easily accommodated

The performance, reliability and simplicity of maintenance of the Panther™ make it the obvious choice for diverse applications, whether island or mainland, rural or urban.

Download the Panther™ product sheet here.


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