The custom designed treatment system may incorporate complementary products to the Panther™ unit:

Pumping Stations

Lynx™ packaged pumping stations are fully compatible with the Panther™, providing flexibility of installation location and dependability of operation. These high durability pumping stations are frequently specified in steep or otherwise challenging terrain where gravity feed is problematic or entirely unachievable.

Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection

The addition of chemical free UV disinfection instantaneously neutralises 99.99% of micro-organisms. UV disinfected waste effluent is safe for a variety of uses, maximising savings and water conservation.

Grease management

Internal and external grease traps coupled with grease dosing systems help ensure the Panther™ wastewater treatment plant functions at optimal efficiency for the whole design life.

Alarm telemetry and monitoring

GSM alarms are provided as standard to keep you informed of the Panther™ and Lynx™ status. Monitoring of other indicators including pH levels, flow rates, dissolved O levels and UV performance offers remote diagnostics and helps to maintain a healthy water system.

Specialist natural additives

Our specialist formulations will help the Panther™ output at optimal conditions, even if harsh chemicals have been accidentally introduced into the sewerage system.

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