With a total population forecast to increase to over nine billion by 2050, world resources are coming under increasing stress. It is clear that energy and water are of paramount importance to a sustainable future.

Ecoprocess Engineering Limited offers you customised solutions to your energy and wastewater needs, providing full system analysis, design, manufacture, installation monitoring and ongoing support. We have a manufacturing base in the UK and local agents in Europe, the Caribbean and South East Asia to support regional operations.

We aim to enhance both environmental and economic benefits to you through:

Detailed investigation and analysis

∙ Excellence in design and manufacture

Practicability in installation and maintenance

Reduced capital and operational costs

Our ethos is to put customer requirements first, with a pragmatic approach to engineering solutions. Ensuring client satisfaction means that ninety percent of our business is on a repeat or referral basis.

Our proven client engagement process will help guide you to selecting the most suitable equipment for your particular application.

Executive Team

Managing Director, Mark Thomas

Mark is the founder of Ecoprocess Engineering Limited and is a chartered engineer with over twenty-five years’ experience in the provision of engineering and wastewater solutions. He has been a senior director at several top ten UK construction companies and has extensive experience of troubleshooting engineering issues worldwide.

Commercial and IT Director, Mark Bellringer

Mark ensures that transactions with the company are conducted in a timely and efficient manner. Mark is also at the forefront of telemetry design and specification as well as monitoring of newly installed plant.

Design and Production Director, Malcolm Calvert

Malcolm has over forty years’ experience in the design, production and installation of public health engineering systems. Malcolm’s all round practical engineering skills mean that you will benefit from a balanced approach to energy and wastewater management, realised into modern CAD solutions.

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