Panther Deploy™

Re-Deployable Off-Grid Wastewater Treatment

Ecoprocess Engineering designs, manufactures and supplies the Panther Deploy™ containerised wastewater treatment plant with optional Lynx™ off-grid power solution – offering you:

  • Complete off-grid capability
  • Strong and secure steel construction
  • Speed and ease of deployment
  • Durable and easily maintained plant
  • Plug and play set up
  • Total turnkey solution

Panther Deploy™ is specifically designed for sites lacking local infrastructure where safe sanitation, robustness and speed of set up are paramount. Applications include:


The Panther Deploy™ utilises a robust natural process which, coupled with advanced self-regulating aeration technology, permits variable flows and loads to be treated efficiently. The three-stage plant is entirely containerised, incorporating: primary settlement, biological treatment and final settlement. The Lynx™ power solution combines a photo voltaic array, battery storage and high- efficiency generator, and is custom designed to meet the power demands of the Panther Deploy™ – allowing reliable autonomous off -grid operation.

Download the Panther Deploy™ product sheet here.

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