Making your drinking water safe

If you are unsure about the quality of your drinking water, there are various methods to make your water safe. The two basic categories are a point of use and point of entry. Point of use includes individual tap filters and filter jugs. We favour point of entry as all the water in the premises is made safe not just at one outlet. Also, point of use filters tend to be microfiltration only.

If you choose to treat your water with a point of entry system, then there are several options open to you (in order of decreasing cost):

Reverse osmosis
Ultraviolet disinfection
Chemical disinfection

We do not recommend chemical disinfection for resorts and private dwellings. Dosing is difficult to get right at a relatively small scale with the result that the taste of the water can easily be compromised. Let’s face facts: nobody likes the taste of chlorine.

Filtration types

The above diagram shows the differences in the efficiency of filtration between the various technologies available for resorts and dwellings.

Reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration are the most effective, but are the highest in terms of capital and running cost. RO removes all the ions that give flavour to the water so requires remineralisation, both for drinking purposes and to reduce pipe corrosion. Similarly, the taste will be affected by nanofiltration which removes non dissolved substances from the water.

Microfiltration is the cheapest option but does not guarantee removal of all bacteria and viruses (including Covid-19)

Our preference is for ultrafiltration of water. Ultrafiltration removes all the harmful bugs present in water but retains the good chemicals contributing to clean, safe and great tasting drinking waste – all at an acceptable cost. The ultrafiltration provides a lower level of capital running and maintenance compared to RO or nanofiltration.

To find out more about our plug and play four-stage filtration and disinfection unit contact us at [email protected] to discuss your individual requirements.

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