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Invisible Legionella bacteria in water causes serious illness...
...But until now they have not been easy to detect.

You can now obtain the only available test that can detect Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 on-site in 25 minutes (compared with 7-14 days for traditional methods).
An easy to use test that can be performed by anyone with minimal training.

Three simple steps to safer water

1. GET YOUR free consultation

Let us know your water issues.  We will identify and personalise options to improve your water testing.

2. Receive your testing kits

You recieve the ideal kits to suit your budget and individual requirements.

3. Obtain Your Instant Results

Relax — knowing your water is fully tested and your reputation is safeguarded.

Poor access to safely manageD
water is widespread*

Legionnaires’ disease can lead to:

      • mental confusion
      • diarrhoea
      • pneumonia
      • death

* Source WHO/UNICEF Joint monitoring programme for water supply, sanitation and hygiene (JMP) 2017

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