This is the Elementor Blocks editor which is like the WordPress blocks editor but supercharged and on steroids.

It works in the same way but you can adjust a lot more features.

Click on the 9 squares on the left to see the range of blocks to choose from.  Elementor calls them widgets, then drag the one you want into the window below. There is a good ‘Call to action’ widget.

Basic text can be typed in via the main display but many of the features have to be set up / adjusted in the side menu.

At the bottom left you will see a monitor screen icon. clicking on this will change to desktop / tablet / mobile view. The settings are automatically saved separately for the different displays.

Clicking on publish will save the page. I’m still learning how to get the best from Elementor it should do everything you need.

To go back to the dashboard click on the three menu bars ( top left ) and click exit to dashboard. This will take you to the WordPress page. Then Click on the W to get to the dashboard.

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