A fully integrated solution for home, business, hospitality, healthcare construction and industrial environments.

RainSafe™ leverages patented H2Ozone technology to provide a chemical-free water purification solution, regardless of source, at levels that meet independently verified drinking water standards. RainSafe™ offers guaranteed pure drinking water solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for:

  • Residential villas, commercial and office space
  • Hotels, resorts, restaurants and pubs
  • Services in nursing homes and cleaning services
  • Primary and secondary schools, sports halls etc.
  • Construction sites

The Rainsafe™ has been designed for flexibility of installation for either existing premises or new build applications. So, whatever your requirements, our engineers can provide a design as retrofit solutions or alternatively, as a bespoke manufactured containerised solution. Ecoprocess also provide a full off-grid capability complete with remote monitoring.

Sanitise and store waters of natural origin or urban networks.

All water sources, even those in urban systems, may be subject to contamination, depending on how water is stored and used. RainSafe™ incorporates H2Ozone technology to sanitise and safely store naturally occurring water sources and urban networks, in accordance with World Health Organization (WHO) standards.

Proven technology fully compliant with international standards

H2Ozone devices are assembled in Ireland by Flextronics, a globally recognized manufacturer, in accordance with ISO standards for medical devices.

Download the RainSafe™ product leaflet here.

Download the H2Ozone product leaflet here.

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